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Digital Signage Media Players

A digital signage media player provides essential computing power to your digital sign or solution. Without this integral hardware, your digital signage screen or monitor will be unable to display content. Complete your innovative project with AOPEN; browse our range of digital signage players.

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Fanless PC Design

AOPEN has a range of digital signage media players and signage players for businesses across a number of different industries, including digital menu boards, self-ordering systems, queuing systems, interactive kiosks, video walls and more. Our media players have been specially designed for use in retail, enterprises, healthcare, government, hospitality and leisure, QSR, finance/ banking, transportation, education, gaming and entertainment. Our digital signage players are available in a fanless PC design; they are easy to maintain and able to protect against dust, moisture, grease and grime. Perfect for use in industrial applications or rough environments as the fanless design protects sensitive hardware components.

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Digital Signage Players with Fan

AOPEN digital signage media players are PCs specifically designed for digital signage, such as interactive menu boards, billboards, digital advertisements and more. Display events, information about the restaurant menu or inform people more of the employee of the month. Implement digital signage or self-service kiosks by embedding the PCs or by simply hooking up a display to the AOPEN hardware, and use software to display your content!

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